We are different together!

Herfst- wintercollectie 2019-2020


The city never sleeps, and you never know who or what you will meet when you walk out the front door. Is it your good old neighbour, a friendly ghost or a homeless dog that bustles in the subway entrance? Or perhaps a self-driving car taking off. As a citizen of a big multicultural city, we are part of a community of unlike characters, and that is what makes our neighbourhood the coolest playground. We might be different, but we will meet for a game of basket. A neutral colour palette

of black, white, denim blue and grey paired with pops of night vision green, yellow and red makes for an urban look. It all comes down to you and me - we believe in each other.


Join us for a travel into space. We want intergalactic interaction, and we are part of the second space age taking tourism to another level. Space navigation is definitely not an easy task and teamwork will be of utmost importance. The members of our team are dressed in deep dark blue and cosmos black with silver and gold accents or different yellow and orange tones mixed with greys. Tracksuits with side tape are an essential part of the space uniform. One day our solar system might be crowded with space traffic, and we will participate in the Cosmic football championship as

team Earth against team Mars. We will be citizens of the universe.


The boys are in a different kind of winter wonderland. Always in motion, they snowboard down broad, snow-clad city streets or go on adventures in nature. Looking for the perfect slope and a glimpse of the wild Antarctica animals living there - fearless of the unknown. Darkness might fall, but that does not hold us back as we light up the snowboards and slide down as human flashlights. Kick it up a notch with red checked jogging sets, washed corduroy and sticker printed hoodies. A colour scheme of black, dirty white and shades of blue combined with sparks of bright yellow is sure to up your winter game. Don’t hibernate - accelerate!


Inspired by the vibrant spirit and diversity of cities like New York, Paris and Hong Kong, we live side by side with all our differences. We feel at home in our local grocery store and meet new friends in unexpected places. We share similar interests like a game of basketball in the alley or taking care of city pets. This is our hood, and we look after each other. We need to move freely and fast, and the sports-luxe trend is going nowhere anytime soon. The girls are wearing chalk pink tracksuits and

checked flowers in bright coral and tomato red. With a fresh injection of hearts, dots and love songs it is all about us!


Off we go on a flying carpet to the bygone era of Mesopotamia, the cradle of Civilisation. The market stalls are brimming with exotic spices and artisans selling silk and gold. Palm trees sway above our heads and peacocks prance around in magnificent gardens. We experiment with other cultures’ way of dressing combining textures and shapes for unexpected expressions. Featuring opulent fabrics like velvet, corduroy and jacquard this is a look full of mystique and oriental warmth in colours like purpur, lapis blue, gold and vermilion red with a touch of feminine rose, to soften the look. We look to the skies and observe the wonders of the universe and the solar system. We might be different from each other, but we all share the same sun, moon and stars.


The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Through dense fog, we hear the rumbling of falling water and find ourselves inside an old fairy tale. Black swans and princesses play between sparkling waterfalls, midnight florals and prickly thistles. Bewinged mythical creatures and unicorns are floating between the treetops, and magic is tangible in the air. We wear glitter, frills and sparkle combined with our everyday hoodies and tracksuits. Colours are a romantic story of iced blues, winter sky and jade green mixed with lighter hues of pink fairy blossom and golden autumn leaf. We are a mix of the past, present and future with a dash of enchantment.


Gaudi Luja
Sales Manager Benelux
Molo kids | Danzigerkade 225 b | 1013 AP Amsterdam

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BE customer service @HQ : +32 (0)380 83 464

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